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Dr. Ulrich Glogowsky
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Current Research
(2017) Does Corruption Affect the Private Provision of Public Goods? (with T. Cagala, V. Grimm, J. Rincke & A. Tuset Cueva).

(2015) Cooperation and Trustworthiness in Repeated Interaction (with Cagala, T., V. Grimm & J. Rincke). The xtvar-package is available here. The Online Appendix is available here.

(2014) Beyond Enforcement - Experimental Evidence on Commitment Requests (with T. Cagala and J. Rincke).

(2010) Leverage, Corporate Taxes and Debt Shifting of Multinationals: The Impact of Firm-specific Risk (with M. Dischinger and M. Strobel), University of Munich

(2014) A Field Experiment on Intertemporal Enforcement Spillovers, Economics Letters 125, 171-174 (with T. Cagala and J. Rincke).
(2014) Panel Vector Autoregressions for Stata (xtvar) (with T. Cagala).