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Prof. Dr. Johannes Rincke
 Professor Dr Rincke




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 On appointment. Please send an e-mail to wiso-wirtschaftspolitik@fau.de

CV (short)
Studies in Eastern European Studies (1994-1998) and Economics (1998-2001) at FU Berlin; Research associate at ZEW Mannheim (09/2001-03/2006) and University of Mannheim (11/2003-03/2006); PhD candidate at University of Göttingen (07/2006); Research associate (Post-doc) at LMU Munich (04/2006-08/2010); Visiting Research associate at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (09/2008-12/2008); Visiting Research associate at Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (01/2009-06/2009); Habilitation at LMU Munich (06/2010); Professor of Economics, especially Economic Policy at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (since 09/2010).
CV (long)
Current discussion papers

(2022) Tutoring in (Online) Higher Education: Experimental Evidence. (with D. Hardt, M. Nagler).

(2021) What Drives Overhead Aversion in Charity? Evidence from Field-Experimental Variation in Fundraising Costs (with T. Cagala, A. Tuset-Cueva).

(2021) Optimal Targeting in Fundraising: A Machine-Learning Approach (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky, A. Strittmatter).

(2019) Content Matters: The Effects of Commitment Requests on Truth-Telling (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky).



(2022) Can Peer Mentoring Improve Online Teaching Effectiveness? An RCT During the COVID-19 Pandemic. (with D. Hardt, M. Nagler).  Forthcoming in: Labour Economics.

(2021) Detecting and Preventing Cheating in Exams: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with T. Cagala and U. Glogowsky). Forthcoming in: Journal of Human Resources.

(2021) Water the Flowers You Want to Grow? Evidence on Private Recognition and Donor Loyalty (with B. Bittschi and N. Dwenger). European Economic Review 131, 103624. The Online Appendix is available here.

(2019) Rent Extraction and Prosocial Behavior (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky, V. Grimm, A. Tuset Cueva). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 166 (2019) 709-723. The Online Appendix is available here.
(2019) Public Goods Provision with Rent-Extracting Administrators (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky, V. Grimm). Economic Journal 129 (620), 1593-1617. The xtvar-package is available here. The Online Appendix is available here.
(2016) Do Norms on Contribution Behavior Affect Intrinsic Motivation? Field-Experimental Evidence from Germany. Journal of Public Economics 144, 140-153. (with P.C. Boyer, N. Dwenger). The Online Appendix is available here.
(2016) Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 8, 203-232. (with N. Dwenger, H.J. Kleven and I. Rasul). The Online Appendix is available here.
(2014) A Field Experiment on Intertemporal Enforcement Spillovers, Economics Letters 125, 171-174 (with T. Cagala and U. Glogowsky).
(2014) Electoral Competition and Endogenous Barriers to Entry, European Journal of Political Economy 34, 253-262 (with M. Drometer).
(2013) Do Countries Compensate Firms for International Wage Differentials?, Journal of Public Economics 102, 23-36 (with F. Mittermaier).
(2012) Fiscal Competition over Taxes and Public Inputs, Regional Science and Urban Economics 42, 407-419 (with S. Hauptmeier and F. Mittermaier).
(2011) Enforcement Spillovers, Review of Economics and Statistics 93, 1224-1234 (with C. Traxler).
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(2010) Rate Cutting Tax Reforms and Corporate Tax Competition in Europe, Economics & Politics 22, 498-518 (with M. Overesch and F. Heinemann).
(2010) A Commuting-Based Refinement of the Contiguity Matrix for Spatial Models, and an Application to Local Police Expenditures, Regional Science and Urban Economics 40, 324-330.
(2009) Competition from Low-Wage Countries and the Decline of Corporate Tax Rates - Evidence from European Integration, World Economy 32, 1348-1364 (with M. Overesch).
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(2009) Yardstick Competition and Public Sector Innovation, International Tax and Public Finance 16, 337-361.
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