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Prof. Dr. Johannes Rincke
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CV (short)
Studies in Eastern European Studies (1994-1998) and Economics (1998-2001) at FU Berlin; Research associate at ZEW Mannheim (09/2001-03/2006) and University of Mannheim (11/2003-03/2006); PhD candidate at University of Göttingen (07/2006); Research associate (Post-doc) at LMU Munich (04/2006-08/2010); Visiting Research associate at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (09/2008-12/2008); Visiting Research associate at Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (01/2009-06/2009); Habilitation at LMU Munich (06/2010); Professor of Economics, especially Economic Policy at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (since 09/2010).
CV (long)
Current discussion papers

(2019) Does Commitment to a No-Cheating Rule Affect Academic Cheating? (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky).

(2019) Content Matters: The Effects of Commitment Requests on Truth-Telling (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky).

(2019) Does Reciprocity Shape Tax Morale? Evidence from Field-Experimental Variation in Tax Collection Costs (with T. Cagala, A. Tuset Cueva).



(2019) Rent Extraction and Prosocial Behavior (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky, V. Grimm, A. Tuset Cueva). Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. The Online Appendix is available here.
(2019) Public Goods Provision with Rent-Extracting Administrators (with T. Cagala, U. Glogowsky, V. Grimm). Economic Journal 129 (620), 1593-1617. The xtvar-package is available here. The Online Appendix is available here.
(2016) Do Norms on Contribution Behavior Affect Intrinsic Motivation? Field-Experimental Evidence from Germany. Journal of Public Economics 144, 140-153. (with P.C. Boyer, N. Dwenger). The Online Appendix is available here.
(2016) Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 8, 203-232. (with N. Dwenger, H.J. Kleven and I. Rasul). The Online Appendix is available here.
(2014) A Field Experiment on Intertemporal Enforcement Spillovers, Economics Letters 125, 171-174 (with T. Cagala and U. Glogowsky).
(2014) Electoral Competition and Endogenous Barriers to Entry, European Journal of Political Economy 34, 253-262 (with M. Drometer).
(2013) Do Countries Compensate Firms for International Wage Differentials?, Journal of Public Economics 102, 23-36 (with F. Mittermaier).
(2012) Fiscal Competition over Taxes and Public Inputs, Regional Science and Urban Economics 42, 407-419 (with S. Hauptmeier and F. Mittermaier).
(2011) Enforcement Spillovers, Review of Economics and Statistics 93, 1224-1234 (with C. Traxler).
(2011) What Drives Corporate Tax Rates Down? A Reassessment of Globalization, Tax Competition, and Dynamic Adjustment to Shocks, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 113, 579-602 (with M. Overesch).
(2010) Rate Cutting Tax Reforms and Corporate Tax Competition in Europe, Economics & Politics 22, 498-518 (with M. Overesch and F. Heinemann).
(2010) A Commuting-Based Refinement of the Contiguity Matrix for Spatial Models, and an Application to Local Police Expenditures, Regional Science and Urban Economics 40, 324-330.
(2009) Competition from Low-Wage Countries and the Decline of Corporate Tax Rates - Evidence from European Integration, World Economy 32, 1348-1364 (with M. Overesch).
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(2009) Yardstick Competition and Public Sector Innovation, International Tax and Public Finance 16, 337-361.
(2009) Wer trägt bei der Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik vor? Eine empirische Analyse, Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 10, 123-145 (with A. Haufler).
(2007) Policy Diffusion in Space and Time: The Case of Charter Schools in California School Districts, Regional Science and Urban Economics 37, 526-541.
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